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Sturdy and Strong Flooring Foundation  With Our Steel Floor Trusses

For over 20 years, Tag Steel House Frames has been manufacturing trusted, high-quality steel floor trusses across Queensland. We have developed a reputation as a reliable and low-cost manufacturer of steel house frames for residential builders for years.

Steel Web Truss: Structural Integrity for Your Homes

Steel web trusses are an important part of steel structure because they efficiently distribute the load across a span, reducing the need for excessive materials while maintaining structural integrity. Due to their efficiency and versatility, steel web trusses have become popular in modern construction for a wide range of applications where strong and lightweight structural systems are required. 

Floor trusses and metal web joists are two of the most essential parts of a web truss for a reliable foundation in your home. Here at Tag Steel House Frames, we take pride in offering top-notch flooring system solutions that go above and beyond your expectations. Our team of skilled engineers specialises in crafting custom floor trusses and metal web joists that perfectly fit your project’s needs. With advanced technology and a dedication to excellence, we guarantee that our flooring systems provide unmatched strength, allowing for spacious living areas with longer open spans, all while maintaining the structural integrity of your home. 

Floor System You Can Trust With Our Metal Web Joists 

At Tag Steel House Frames, we understand the importance of a reliable foundation for your home and, more importantly, your house floor system.  we offer top-of-the-line flooring solutions that excel in strength, versatility, and peace of mind.

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating an old one, our metal web joists provide various advantages, including:

  • Lighter weight allows for easier installation and faster assembly.
  • Design options that are adaptable to different architectural layouts
  • There is plenty of room for utilities, making upkeep and future improvements easy.

 Our expert manufacturers take great care in developing and constructing customised metal web joists that are precisely designed for the specific demands of your home. We ensure that our flooring solutions have remarkable load-bearing capacity, allowing for larger clear spans and open living spaces while retaining the highest structural integrity, using cutting-edge technology and a commitment to quality.

Building Solution

Advantages of Steel Floor Trusses

Strength and Durability

Steel is known for its exceptional strength and durability. Steel floor trusses can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and heavy snow loads, making them highly resistant to damage.


Steel floor trusses are environmentally friendly and promote sustainable construction practices. Steel is a highly recyclable material, and a significant proportion of steel used in construction is made from recycled content.


Steel floor trusses require minimal maintenance, have a longer lifespan, and are less susceptible to issues like rotting, pests, and warping, reducing repair and replacement costs over time.

Our Process

Streamlined Procees

Number 1

Consultation and Design

We begin by having an in-depth consultation with you to understand your project requirements, timeline, and budget. We discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific needs you may have. This consultation helps us determine the best approach to meet your goals.

Number 2

Review and Approval

We present the design to you for review and approval. We welcome your feedback and incorporate any necessary modifications or adjustments to the design. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the proposed solution before proceeding further.

Number 3


Upon design approval, we move into the manufacturing phase. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and technology to fabricate the steel components for your project. Our skilled technicians follow strict quality control measures to ensure the highest standards of precision and durability.

Number 4

Delivery and Site Preparation

Once the manufacturing is complete, we arrange for the delivery of the steel components to your construction site. Our team coordinates the logistics and ensures the timely arrival of the materials. We work closely with you to prepare the site for the installation, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

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Trust Only the Expert for Your Steel Floor Truss Needs

Steel floor trusses are designed to offer dependable support for residential home floors, guaranteeing a sturdy foundation that endures the test of time. We take pride in being your one-stop shop for high-quality steel floor trusses adapted to your needs.

When you choose us for your steel floor trusses, we can give you: 

  • Experience:  With years of industry experience, we have developed our talents to produce the highest levels of workmanship and engineering perfection.
  • Custom Solutions: We know that each project is unique, so we provide bespoke steel floor trusses created to fit your house goals.
  • Quality Materials: To guarantee that our floor trusses are sturdy, robust, and resistant to wear and tear, we only use the highest-grade steel.
  • Professional Team: Our qualified team of engineers and technicians is committed to providing expert assistance and support throughout the process.
  • Timely Delivery: We value your time and aim to deliver your steel floor trusses on time so that the construction of your home stays on schedule.

When it comes to your steel floor truss needs, trust only the experts at Tag Steel House Frames Queensland. Let us be your partner in building the home of your dreams, combining strength, efficiency, and style to create a space you’ll cherish forever. From sturdy frames to complete home kits, our expert team is here to assist you at every step of the construction process. Contact us today to build your dream home confidently, knowing you have the best team and materials by your side.

High Quality Steel House Frame

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