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We offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet your house steel frame needs. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional quality and expertise throughout every stage of your project. From design and engineering to fabrication, installation, and ongoing support, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Reliable Steel Frames for Homes

The frame of a home is its backbone, so it must be safe and secure. Steel frames for houses have transformed the construction industry by providing unrivalled strength, durability, and versatility. Steel frames offer a sturdy foundation that ensures the structural integrity of the entire home due to its outstanding load-bearing capability.

Nothing is more important when building your dream home than a solid and reliable foundation. That’s where our steel house frames come in. We understand that your house is more than just a physical space. It’s also where you create and cherish memories that will last a lifetime.

At Tag Steel House Frames, we pride ourselves on offering superior steel frames for houses that adhere to the highest industry requirements. Our team of skilled experts guarantees accurate engineering, detailed craftsmanship, and strict attention to safety procedures, assuring an impeccable installation of steel frames customised to your specific home requirements.

Expert Prefab Steel Frames Manufacturers

Efficiency, quality, and customization are important factors to consider while creating your ideal house. That’s why prefab frames are perfect for your house construction project. Prefabricated steel frame homes are becoming more popular and earning their rightful place as a necessary choice for home builders who want safe and effective homes.

Our prefab steel frames offer significant time and cost savings, reducing on-site labour requirements and potential delays. We build prefab frames that are meticulously constructed off-site, allowing simultaneous site preparation and frame manufacture. You’ll be able to settle into your new home more quickly and begin making memories sooner.

Our steel frames are built to last, offering unmatched strength, durability, and peace of mind. When you live in a modern steel frame house, you can rest easy knowing that your home is supported by a backbone that will withstand the test of time. Our dedicated team of experts will walk you through every step, ensuring smooth and effective project delivery.

Building Solution

Advantages of Steel House Frame

Strength and Durability

Steel is known for its exceptional strength and durability. Steel house frames can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and heavy snow loads, making them highly resistant to damage.


Steel house frames are environmentally friendly and promote sustainable construction practices. Steel is a highly recyclable material, and a significant proportion of steel used in construction is made from recycled content.


Steel frames require minimal maintenance, have a longer lifespan, and are less susceptible to issues like rotting, pests, and warping, reducing repair and replacement costs over time.


Steel Frame House Cost

Steel frames cost more upfront than conventional timber frames for construction supplies. But opting for a steel frame house is definitely a wise investment because of its long-term advantages in toughness, power, and energy efficiency. We source high-quality steel and work closely with you to select the best materials for your project, ensuring optimal value for your budget.

Knowing how much your steel house frame would cost is the first important step in building your dream house. We understand that price is a significant factor, and we’re here to guide you through all the factors that affect the entire cost with transparency and expertise.

Tag Steel House Frames values craftsmanship and attention to detail in our every work. Our experienced steel frame home builders combine knowledge with a personalized approach to work efficiently and optimize labour and construction costs without compromising quality. We aim to provide outstanding value for your investment while designing a house that suits your style and budget.

Our Process

Streamlined Procees

Number 1

Consultation and Design

We begin by having an in-depth consultation with you to understand your project requirements, timeline, and budget. We discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific needs you may have. This consultation helps us determine the best approach to meet your goals.

Number 2

Review and Approval

We present the design to you for review and approval. We welcome your feedback and incorporate any necessary modifications or adjustments to the design. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the proposed solution before proceeding further.

Number 3


Upon design approval, we move into the manufacturing phase. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and technology to fabricate the steel components for your project. Our skilled technicians follow strict quality control measures to ensure the highest standards of precision and durability.

Number 4

Delivery and Site Preparation

Once the manufacturing is complete, we arrange for the delivery of the steel components to your construction site. Our team coordinates the logistics and ensures the timely arrival of the materials. We work closely with you to prepare the site for the installation, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


Steel Structure Houses Build to Last

Whether you’re building a modern family home or a contemporary architectural masterpiece, our steel structure house frames will offer unmatched strength and endless design possibilities.

Our steel structure house frames offer unparalleled durability, withstanding harsh weather conditions and seismic activity. Frame steel homes will provide you with the design freedom for wide-open spaces, flexible floor plans, and energy efficiency through proper insulation and efficient building techniques. Faster construction timelines are possible due to pre-engineered components manufactured with precision. Choosing to have a steel structure house promotes sustainability by contributing to the reduction of waste and the conservation of natural resources.


Why Choose Tag Steel House Frames Queensland?

At Tag Steel House Frames, we take pride in our deep knowledge and extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying high quality steel house frames across Queensland. Our over 20 years of experience provide us with the expertise to ensure precision engineering and top-quality craftsmanship. Moreover, we offer quality supplies from beamstrusses, rafters and other materials needed for your house steel frames.

With our steel frames, you have the freedom to design a home that truly reflects your style and preferences without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to open floor plans, spacious interiors, and innovative architectural possibilities. Our lightweight steel frames make construction a breeze, allowing for quicker assembly and shorter project timelines, so you can move into your dream home sooner than you ever imagined.

Ready to build the home of your dreams? Talk to us now! Together, we’ll create a home you and your family will love for years.

High Quality Steel House Frame

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